Frequently Asked


preparing for your appointment


-Government issued ID or passport (unexpired)

-Wear comfortable clothing

-Tattoo shops can be cold, and noisy! Bring a hoodie, blanket, and headphones!

-Sitting for a few hours? Bring your favorite snacks, or drinks with you to enjoy in the lobby during a break!

-We provide snacks, and water if you don't remember to bring them. So don't  sweat it if you forget it!


Seriously, I cannot stress this one enough! Make sure you eat a decent meal at least 30 minutes to an hour before you come in.


Your blood sugar needs to be at a decent level when you get tattooed, and getting a piece done on an empty stomach is a bad idea. If your blood sugar is too low, or suddenly drops, you can experience dizziness, lightheadedness, or pass out. This is actually very common, and normally is not serious when it does happen, but we want to prevent it if we can!


That dizziness and lightheadedness I pointed out in the last section? Yeah, that also happens when you're not hydrated. 

Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your tattoo, and also on the day of. Feel free to bring a water bottle with you, but we also provide it!


Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your appointment. If you're going to be getting tattooed for several hours, your body will need as much energy as it can get to get you through it. 

Don't stay out late partying the night before, and refrain from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. I can guarantee you that you will not be a happy camper if you come in hungover.


When you have a solid idea of what you'd like to have done, just fill out the consultation request form under the contact page at the top of my website. I can do both in person consultations, and email consultations. If you're planning on getting a large tattoo done, you will need to come in to chat with me in person. If you're traveling from out of town, email consultations and communication via phone will suffice. 


I do require a deposit to book an appointment. My deposits range from $80, $100, $200, & $500 depending on the size of the piece. All deposits are not refundable, but they are not an additional fee. Your deposit will come off of the price of your tattoo.

If you have multiple sessions booked, your deposit will be applied to the balance of your last session. Once we have discussed your idea, and I have a good idea of how long your piece will take to complete, I will take a deposit from you and go over potential dates and times to schedule.

I do not show artwork prior to appointments.

All of the designs I create will be unique to you, and I spend quite a bit of time drawing them. Most of my designs are prepared ahead of time, but typically will be drawn the week of the appointment. This keeps it fair to clients that have already been scheduled, and makes sure I stay on top of everything.


I am $150.00 an hour, and I have a minimum of $80.00

While I mentioned that I can do email consultations, there are so many variables in pricing that it may be necessary for me to sit down with you in person to discuss your piece. Larger works that cover a significant amount of the body (e.g. half/full sleeves) vary greatly depending on the design of the piece.